Are Alberta schools ready for the transgender revolution?

We often assume when we send our children to school that their experience will be similar to ours.  However, the world and culture have changed tremendously in the intervening time between our school years and theirs.

There are a lot of new issues our kids will have to learn about and deal with in school that we never did.

When it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation, it is important to understand that policy changes being proposed to schools in Alberta represent a much larger cultural phenomenon that is often referred to as “The Transgender Revolution”.

I am not meaning to minimize the struggles that those with gender identity issues face, but I want to provide an explanation of why I think these policies will have a significant impact on our culture.

In the book We Cannot Be Silent, author R. Albert Mohler Jr includes a few quotes from another writer named Allan Metcalf who illustrates how the transgender revolution results in a fundamental shift in our understanding of identity:

“… we don’t have to conform to a label imposed on us by others; we get to choose our gender identity for ourselves, to decide whether gay or straight, male or female, in between – or none of the above.”

 “So young people nowadays have choices to make that they didn’t face before. And it’s not a once-for-all choice; they can question and redefine themselves at any time.”

 “It’s a question we didn’t have to answer in the 20th century. In fact, it’s a question that didn’t exist until recently… Nowadays we understand that anatomy isn’t destiny; it’s your choice to be called lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex, asexual – or something else. That’s not a misstatement. It’s your choice, we have been told. We have reached the point that regardless of anatomy, you can choose your gender identity. And you can choose to change your gender identity as often as you change your clothes.”

Some people minimize the policies and insist that nothing will change in schools.

However, I truly believe these guidelines and their underlying ideology represent a significant fundamental shift in how gender is viewed in our culture.  The wordings used in school district policies foster norms and represent worldviews that work to permeate the culture of the schools.  And when a government shifts policies in schools it has a tremendous impact on the next generation of our youth and their understanding of themselves and the world.

Since most school boards in our province are currently writing policies addressing gender identity and sexual orientation, I believe now is a crucial moment for all Albertans.

How Albertans choose to respond to the government and the guidelines proposed by Alberta Education will demonstrate whether or not they are ready for the transgender revolution to impact our schools and our next generation.

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  1. Kf

    It’s strange how animals seem to be so much smarter than humans. They know that male is attracted to female and vise versa. If humans would just accept that they are what God has made them it would solve all the problems that they think they have in wondering what they are. Look in the mirror.


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