Breaking news: School division refuses to make new LGBTQ policy

Fort Vermilion School District has taken a bold stand.

According to an article today by the Edmonton Journal, “Fort Vermilion trustees decided that other than updating its code of conduct to reflect new laws, its existing policies are good enough. The board passed a unanimous motion in January to stick to the status quo”.

What motivated the trustees to take this action?  The article states that “The trustees have to answer to their constituents, and parents have been giving them an earful since the guidelines were released.”

If you read the guidelines and are concerned about how they will impact your local school board policies, please speak up to your elected officials, including your school board trustees, MLAs and the Minister of Education. They are accountable to you. Your voice does make a difference.



    • informedalbertans

      Kudos to you and the all the parents for speaking up and thanks to the school district for listening! I’ve been encouraging friends from all over the province to email Clark McAskile (Chair of the Ft Vermillion Board: to thank their board for their courage and leadership. Will be interesting to see what happens next with the other school boards.


  1. Wil I Am

    Good for Ft Vermillion, I hope other school districts in Alberta stand up against this policy. As a concerned parent of two young girls, I want a say in how they are brought up in our schools. An elected politician or official who does not listen to the Majority will become the minority and out of office very soon!


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