A Call to Action: Next Steps after Open Letter Campaign

Thank you to the thousands of people who joined together to help strengthen our collective voice, for both the #protectABkids Twitter Campaign, as well as the “Open Letter to Minister Eggen” Facebook event.

Unfortunately, this issue is far from over.

In fact, the more we learn from Ontario, the United States, and many countries internationally, the more evidence we see that this agenda is aggressive, well-funded and invasive. We also see a strikingly methodical and predictable pattern in how this agenda infiltrates our education system:

1. Legislation
In Alberta this refers to Bill 10 and various amendments to the School Act and Human Rights legislation which have been passed recently. It is worth noting that Minister Eggen referred to these various laws at the beginning of his response letter.

2. Policies
In Alberta this refers to the guidelines document and the mandatory requirement that all school board policies “specifically address the board’s responsibility as it relates to the LGBTQ community.”

3. Curriculum
Based on the experiences of many jurisdictions, including Ontario, the United States, and many countries internationally, we are anticipating this will be the next step in Alberta. With legislation and policies in place that enter under the guise of “protection”, “inclusive education”, “equality” and “anti-bullying”, the door is now open to mandate education materials that promote a very specific view of sexuality, with mechanisms in place to impose silence on any dissent or a labeling of differing views.

We must be vigilant and vocal. There has been a tremendous mobilization of grassroots efforts the last few weeks, centred on 2 main themes of concern:

  • The value of parental involvement: Parents should not be purposely excluded from any conversation pertaining to any aspect of their child’s school life, except in extreme and rare circumstances.
  • Freedom to hold personal values and beliefs on gender, identity and sexuality, without fear of reprisal: Our school system should not be a place where one set of values and beliefs on such a profoundly personal issue should be imposed on our children. And no one’s values and beliefs should ever be ridiculed or held as more/less legitimate, just because they are different.

Please continue to:
1. Learn – stay informed about the issue
2. Tell – spread the word to as many other people as possible
3. Act – utilize all advocacy strategies available –keep sending letters and emails, making phone calls, attending meetings and signing petitions, etc.

To stay up-to-date on information, as well as receive notifications of any new advocacy strategy opportunities, please do any or all of the following:

Subscribe to blog updates:

  1. Informed Albertans
  2. Parents for Choice in Education
  3. P.R.O. Children Alberta

Facebook pages – “Like” and turn notifications on in order to receive updates:

  1. Expose Sex-Ed Alberta
  2. Parents for Choice in Education

The three of us who run these different websites and pages work collaboratively to help spread the word to as many people as possible.

Thank you for your desire to stand up for a better education system and a better future for ALL students, teachers, parents and families in our province.



  1. Ron Voss

    The March issue of “City Light News” featured a front-page article, “New provincial guidelines bully Albertans” by the paper’s editor Peter McManus:
    As well, this issue contained two related articles, “A Christian response to Bill 10”, written by Dr. Frank Moody, principal of Eastside Christian Academy, Calgary, and “Does the church in Canada recognize the signs of the times?” by Brian Rushfeldt:

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