Sexualizing Children for Profit? Why Albertans must say “NO”

For far too long we have allowed one perspective to dominate the discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation policies and legislation in our schools.

We continue to be told by our elected officials and through the media that these policies will save lives and protect our most vulnerable youth.

But please consider the bigger picture for a moment.

We know from watching many other places in the world that there is a strikingly methodical and predictable pattern: legislation and school policies implemented under the claims of “protection”, “inclusion”, “equal rights” and “anti-bullying”, and then the introduction of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) resources into classrooms.

We have seen it play out in Ontario, across the United States, in Australia, across Europe and elsewhere.

Why such an aggressive campaign locally, nationally and internationally to legislate a removal of parental involvement in our schools, followed by imposing specific sexuality materials onto children, even from a very young age?

Who benefits when we see alarming statistics, such as a 1000% jump in the number of British children treated for gender confusion over the past 5 years?


One possibility = Profit.

According to a recently released documentary called The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda, “It can be difficult to understand why any organization would promote promiscuity and high risk sexual behaviours to children through comprehensive sexuality education. However, hooking children on sex is a multi-billion dollar business for Planned Parenthood and other similar organizations. This is because children or “prospects” once sexualized become Planned Parenthood “customers”, dependent upon their services.” (13:32)

When we sexualize children, especially with CSE based curriculum materials, there is an increased need for all sorts of services, including contraceptives, STI/STD testing/treatments, condoms, abortions, pre-natal services, gender transition surgery, hormone therapy, etc.

So how does this situation apply to Alberta?

We have already seen legislation, such as Bill 10 and various amendments to the School Act and Human Rights legislation.

We know how Alberta Education has required all school boards to develop policies that “specifically address the board’s responsibility as it relates to the LGBTQ community,” and many of us have read the government’s “best practices” resource to support these policies.

We have hints at new sexual education resources, though no formal declaration yet.

Let’s learn from Ontario, the United States, Australia and other places in the world to stop the progression toward any sort of mention of new sex education materials that advocate an approach consistent with CSE.

As one of the women on the documentary says, “Every well thinking adult must be vigilant and must stand as a gatekeeper to our children’s development.” (30:28)

One last note: I anticipate in the coming days there will be attempts to “debunk”, falsify or dismiss the claims made in this important documentary. In fact, that is exactly what multi-billion dollar industries would be expected to do in the interests of self-preservation.  And it is exactly the reason why so little of this information reaches public consciousness through mainstream media.

However, there is far too much as stake for Albertans to be lulled to acquiescence and inaction.

Please take 35 minutes to watch the video. Learn more about “Comprehensive Sexual Education” and evaluate the information for yourself. Ask yourself whether these types of materials are really in the best interests of children in our Alberta schools. Stay up-to-date on this topic by “liking” the Facebook page “Expose CSE Alberta”.

And please share this link with your school board trustees, MLAs, Minister of Education, community members, family and friends.

Let us reclaim balance to the discussion of gender and sexuality policies and the educational resources used in our schools.

Let us all be informed of the bigger picture and be ready to say “no” to any mention of these types of materials ever being promoted in our schools.

March 25 update: Please note this blog post is not referring to sexual education materials in general, but to a SPECIFIC approach called “comprehensive sexuality education”, as described in the documentary. The content of the video is extremely important to watch in order to fully understand the perspective of this article and what many places in the world are facing today.

For those who are unable to watch the video, or want to learn more on the topic, here are two websites with background information about comprehensive sexuality education:
A Brief History of Sex Ed: How We Reached Today’s Madness by Dr. Grossman
What is CSE?  with links and sidebar for further information



  1. Ron Voss

    It is mindboggling that parents, regardless of their worldview, but especially Christians, would be willing to allow their children to be subject to such abuse by the political ideologues.

    This documentary is excellent. There is no reason that people can plead ignorance on this topic. If you encounter someone who supports what is happening in Alberta’s schools, invite them to watch this documentary and then come back and talk.

    According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians,who appeared early in the documentary (1:25 minutes) covers all the bases when she said, “I am deeply concerned about comprehensive sexuality education for four reasons, first, it sexualizes children; second, it threatens children’s health; third, it promotes a dangerous gender ideology; and fourth, it undermines the parent-child relationship which violates parental rights”.

    The documentary reveals how Planned Parenthood through the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), along with the U.N., is a major global force and factor promoting comprehensive sexuality education and sexualization of children. Talk about a massive conflict of interest! A giant organization, profiting immensely from abortions and other services it provides, through its activities and influence treats children as “prospects” who, once sexualized, become Planned Parenthood “customers”, dependent upon their services.

    Unfortunately, parents may be inclined to overestimate the forces that are aligned against them and thus give up with mounting any resistance. It is time for parents to say “No!”. As Judith Reisman, whose life’s work has been to expose the roots of the sexual rights movement traced back to sexual pervert Alfred Kinsey’s bogus research, says at the conclusion of the documentary, “Just understand that it is happening on our watch. If we don’t do something about it, it is all of us that carry that guilt.”

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    • informedalbertans

      Thank you for your comment. Since you have used terms in your comment that are not referenced in the article, I would ask for some clarification:
      How does a profitable business model qualify as a global conspiracy?
      What exactly do “equality rights” mean to you?
      Are graphic sexual education resources, as referenced in the video, in children’s schools something that you would qualify as “right” or beneficial?


      • backcountrynut

        I was referencing the comment in the article suggesting that the “business model” had spread across North America, Europe and Australia. Not sure what business you are referring to. Perhaps you could point me to the specific business.
        Equality rights mean just that, rights protected and guaranteed I such documents as the Unite Nations Charter of Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act. And, as a teacher, I am unsure of what “graphic sexual education” resources you speak of.

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      • informedalbertans

        Thank you for your explanation. Based on this comment I am wondering whether you had a chance to watch the documentary yet? The international references and the education resources that I am referring to are based on the content of the documentary. Once you have watched the complete video, please feel free to ask for any further clarification and I would be happy to help.


      • backcountrynut

        Well, I won’t lie. I did not watch the documentary due to the fact that it references the American College of Pediatricians, a group known for anti LGBTQ beliefs. As such, I won’t watch the “documentary.” But the title of the post is Concerned Albertans. You suggest explicit sexual resources exist in our schools, which is absolutely false.

        I would be happy to continue this dialogue if you could present any shred of credible, unbiased evidence to support your “position.”

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      • informedalbertans

        Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your honesty. It is important that people demonstrate tolerance and open-mindedness to other viewpoints in order to explore a diversity and range of opinions beyond just their own. It is unfortunate that people make assumptions about content before actually viewing it, therefore limiting their perspective rather than extending it.

        The view of this article is that Albertans must be aware of the sexual education materials referenced in the documentary so they can be informed before these materials could be suggested for use in our province’s schools, not that these materials are necessarily being currently used in Alberta schools.

        There are actually many different people and organizations referenced in the documentary, far beyond just one. It is unfortunate that some are unwilling to watch it in order to find out.

        I am an advocate for a thoughtful, balanced approach that values all perspectives on this issue and would be happy to continue a dialogue with anyone who is able to consider the entire perspective provided in this article, which includes the content the documentary. The documentary raises some thought-provoking questions, concerns and evidence for those who are willing to watch it.


      • backcountrynut

        I understand. I also value dialogue. However, when one of the primary sources is a group which does not support equality for all individuals an impasse is created.

        If the common ground from which to begin is not one where all individuals regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation are valued or seen as equals, then there is no discussion.

        This article and the references used to support it begin from a point of inequality. I agree all Albertans should be informed but the starting point of that must be equality for all. A balanced approach does not mean we suggest one group is immoral or evil.

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      • informedalbertans

        Thank you for your comment.
        First of all, let’s not make this article about something that it is not. Nowhere in this article has there been any mention of any group being “immoral” or “evil”. This article is about CSE (comprehensive sexuality education), as described in the documentary. In the interests of a thoughtful discussion I would appreciate if we could move beyond assumptions and address the topic as it is written and the references as they are actually presented in the article.

        Seeing as you have not yet investigated the references that I am basing my article on (i.e. the documentary), I’m not sure how you can assume that this discussion of comprehensive sexuality education begins from a point of inequality.


      • shroon7

        In reference to “graphic sexual education resources”, do you disagree with teaching children the anatomically correct names for genitalia? Knowing proper terms and teaching consent at an early age greatly decreases the chances that a child will be sexually abused; and if they are, prosecution/conviction are much easier to obtain when the child can tell a trusted adult that someone touched their vagina vs. touching their “bread basket”. Not teaching proper anatomy at a young age also results in misinformed ADULTS not realizing, for example, that cis-women don’t urinate out their vagina.

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      • informedalbertans

        Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that it is important to teach proper terminology for anatomy. However, as referenced in the documentary, “graphic sexual education resources” go beyond teaching anatomical terms. Have you had an opportunity to view the documentary in its entirety?


  2. Ron Voss

    In my earlier comment above, I suggested “If you encounter someone who supports what is happening in Alberta’s schools, invite them to watch this documentary and then come back and talk”. Theresa, in that regard, you have been very gracious in responding to someone (backcountrynut) who eventually declared, “Well, I won’t lie (that’s good). I did not watch the documentary due to the fact that it references the American College of Pediatricians, a group known for anti LGBTQ beliefs. As such, I won’t watch the ‘documentary’.”
    In your post above you also quoted someone in the documentary referring to “every well thinking adult”. Thus, you have ‘backcountrynut’ declaring “I did not watch the documentary due to the fact that it references the American College of Pediatricians, a group known for anti LGBTQ beliefs”, that is, a group (pediatricians, who should know a ‘bit’ about children) that take a different position than he does on these matters. I am surprised that ‘backcountrynut’ could even bring himself to read you post, if he even did so in its entirety. With respect to Ontario Premier Wynne’s, CSE curriculum, many, many times I have witnessed the supporters of that program dismiss any possible detractors by asking “have you read the curriculum?”. I guess such an argument is only allowed on the left.
    One could likewise take backcountrynut’s approach to the gender ‘guidelines’ as well. The Alberta ‘guidelines’ indicated that its content was developed “with guidance and support from the Toronto District School Board” (TDSB), which has a history of being radical in its promotion of ‘sex-ed’ programs. For example, a sex brochure (“BDSM – Safer Kinky Sex”) about BDSM, an acronym identifying Bondage and Discipline (B&D), Dominance and Submission (D&S), Sadism and Masochism (S&M), showed up at a school-wide mental health fair; a TDSB grade 7-8 teacher posted graphic sex brochures on his classroom wall entitled ‘Use Your Head When Giving It: Blow Job Tips’; and another time, the TDSB released ‘equality’ posters in its schools encouraging acceptance and tolerance of different sexual orientations, including in one poster (entitled “LOVE Has No Gender”) contained a reference to polygamy. Now applying backcountrynut’s approach, one could say, I won’t read the ‘guidelines’ document “due to the fact that it references” as a contributor to its development the Toronto District School Board, a group has a history of being radical in its promotion of ‘sex-ed’ programs. As the saying, goes, ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’. However, being a “well thinking adult”, I did read the ‘guidelines’.


  3. Ron Voss

    According to socialist Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), “The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship….The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black.” Or, in today’s context, to teach children that “Self-identification is the sole measure of an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression”.


  4. Mary-Ann

    Sexuality is part of culture and as such parents should teach their children about sexuality, not the state with a one size fit all approach. The dangers of CSE is that it can quickly lead to child abuse and abusive children, when kids are told it is their right to pleasure and sex, they may willing accept the sexual advances of a pedophille without knowing the self destruction and shame it leads to. When children and taught what their sexual organs are used for they will experiment on each other , and this is abuse. Certainly let children know the anatomically name but leave the information there until it is age appropriate. The concept of consent should be say no to any one wanting to touch their private, or film them or show them graphic. Simple, any one below the age of 14 doesn’t understand consent, trying to explain, give or take consent to an elementary child will confuse them. If any one is so sure of children’s ability to use proper judgement or their self control, feel free to leave a load gun in plain sight with a bunch of elementary kids.


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