Alberta government funds website directing K-12 kids to sexually graphic content


Is this the type of “help” the Alberta government should be funding for K-12 children?

fruit loop 3a post

fruit loop 2a post

fruit loop 6a post

Fruit Loop 01a post Masturbation

The content of these articles is graphic. There are images of naked men being flogged and restrained with suggestions on how to use specific BDSM products, including links to purchase those items from an online sex shop. In the article about masturbation, your child is even advised to “pay for porn” and “visit a group masturbation night at your local sex club”.

These sexually graphic articles are examples of the content available on the “Fruit Loop” Facebook page, linked to as a “Community Support” on the Alberta GSA Network website to “help” K-12 children with their Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

Community supports Fruit Loop link

[PLEASE NOTE: Three weeks after I published my blog article, the entire “Community Support” section was removed from the Alberta GSA Network. To access and view the content that was previously available, please see my supporting documentation file and a video I published on YouTube]. 

Unbelievably, it only took one to two clicks for K-12 children to easily access sexually graphic material from this website, which is funded with taxpayer money and continues to be recommended by Alberta Education.

The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) is paid by the Alberta Government to organize the Alberta GSA Network, intended to support a target audience that includes children ages 5 to 17 years old.

Dr. Kristopher Wells, who is a Faculty Director with iSMSS and the “driving force” behind the creation of the Alberta GSA Network, has publicly shared posts from Fruit Loop on his own social media, including a “fast-paced ad” featuring naked young people who “share an erotic kiss on a tennis court” and “are often seen embracing, rolling around on the ground together.”

Clearly he is not ignorant of the sexually graphic content of their posts.

KW Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 2.16.15 PM

The iSMSS using government funds to provide access to sexually graphic content – especially masquerading under the banner of “support” for K-12 students – is an exploitation of the trust that children, parents and teachers place in our province’s education system.

It is true that sexually graphic content is available on the internet and kids could find it anyway.

However, using schools to intentionally direct and connect children to community organizations that peddle sexually graphic content is not safe or appropriate.

It is dangerous, reckless and wrong.

K-12 children who access GSAs are often already struggling and vulnerable. Exposure to the sexually graphic content made available through the Alberta GSA Network website puts these children at further risk of harm and victimization.

It is obvious the Ministry of Education is trusting the wrong people with the role of supporting 5 to 17-year-olds and creating “safe and caring” schools.

If this is the “help” iSMSS and Dr. Wells want to provide to Alberta’s kindergarten to Grade 12 students through our school system, then we don’t want it.

As parents and taxpayers of Alberta, we call on the Alberta government to immediately:

1. Suspend all funding to iSMSS.

2. Remove iSMSS and Dr. Wells from any influence over our province’s K-12 education system, including any provision of research, resources, counseling, teacher training and new curriculum development.

In order to ensure that schools are welcoming, caring, safe and respectful learning environments, Albertans must demand a higher standard when it comes to anyone entrusted with the support and care of K-12 children in this province – a much higher standard than the “support” currently being offered by iSMSS.



(March 14, 1 p.m.) In response to my blog article and this information becoming so public it seems the GSA Network website has now edited their list of community supports over the past hour. If you would like to verify the original list, please see the screen captures available in the GSA Network website supporting documentation (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

The fact remains that iSMSS did not properly vet their links and community supports, which only proves their lack of competence when it comes to being trusted with the safety of our K-12 children.

Links and content so inappropriate for K-12 kids should never have been there in the first place, especially under the guise of “support”. If I hadn’t happened to personally stumble across the content, it would still be there. Why is it up to citizens to vet these government funded and recommended resources? Shouldn’t the Alberta government be hiring people who can do their job without volunteer citizens having to do it for them?

Removing a few links does not solve the problem. iSMSS and Dr. Wells have severely violated the public trust and should not be in a position of influence in our K-12 education system at all.  Alberta children deserve better.


(March 15) Donna Trimble, Executive Director for Parents for Choice in Education, posted an excellent open letter to our elected representatives entitled “Which Alberta Politicians Will Stand Up for Our Children?!”  Feel free to forward her letter to your MLAs and school board trustees.

Thank you to News Talk 770 with Danielle Smith for interviewing Donna Trimble, Executive Director of Parents for Choice in Education on March 14, 2017 about these concerns: LISTEN HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW

Thank you to Andrea Huncar from the CBC News who wrote an article about this topic 

Click image below to read the article.

CBC article sexually graphic material


(March 16, 5:30 p.m.) I have started a petition to pressure the Alberta government to reveal the extent to which iSMSS is still involved in authority over our K- 12 education system.


(April 7) NEW VIDEO – On April 4th, the entire community supports section of the Alberta GSA Network was removed.  I have produced a follow-up video, explaining why simply removing the inappropriate links is not enough. It is available under a newly created tab at the top of this website called “Sexually graphic material to kids in Alberta schools: What you can do.”  I have also included a one page summary of this information which can be easily printed and shared with others.



  1. brian reesor

    Is this able to be linked to share through Facebook?
    Informed Albertans doesn’t have a Facebook page, right.


    • informedalbertans

      Thanks for your comment, Brian. Yes, you can share any of my blog articles by clicking on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the article. It is important people know what is being offered to K-12 children through this government funded website.


    • Bill

      It just goes to show how bloody stupid and ignorant this government is. How in God’s name can they get away by allowing this depravity to happen. What is the world coming too? The guy that orchestrated this should be hung up by the balls. Taxpayers dollars for this!!! What a sicko and the Government allows this in our schools. “God help the world”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mercy Abidemi

        As parent and taxpayer of Alberta, I call on the Alberta government to immediately:

        1. Suspend all funding to iSMSS.

        2. Remove iSMSS and Dr. Wells from any influence over our province’s K-12 education system, including any provision of research, resources, counseling, teacher training and new curriculum development.


    • Gina Davis

      thought you would like to know that my Cousin in NZ shared this post ( Alberta Government funds website directing K – 12) and got a REPRIMAND from FB because of its content!! OK for K – 12 in Canada but NOT ok for adults in NZ!!!! Go figure :


    • Lance Anderson-Croft

      ” it only takes two clicks for K-12 children to easily access sexually graphic material from this website”

      ….and it only takes ONE click form THIS website!


      • informedalbertans

        The difference being that this blog is neither funded nor recommended by the Alberta government for K-12 children. My blog article is for an audience of adults who need to know what IS being offered to their children through government funded and recommended resources.
        Sorry you missed the point.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Selinger

    Our Education Minister has some explaining to do and some changes to make! Parents are not going to stand for this. It’s an utter betrayal of the trust parents have put in Alberta Education. No wonder we are suspicious of the secretive curriculum rewrite.


  3. Denise Gagne

    I couldn’t believe this, so looked up the links myself – and yes, the article is right. There are some nasty videos on Fruit Loops. Alberta Ed funding could be going to so many worthwhile educational needs – why promote porn?


      • Hlen

        This is highly inflamitory and irresponsible. There is good and bad in every profession. Don’t label a whole group for the acts of a few. Also, how does this apply to the article? Are you a troll trying to distract people from a clear, proven problem in the Alberta Education Ministry?


      • KC

        Shame on you. Keep to facts. How does your inflammatory statement deal with the horrid issues on the web site? Kris Wells is not representative of teachers or policemen. Shame on you.


  4. Pam Hahn

    This is a disgusting way to use tax payers dollars. Studies show the terrible effects of any & all porn on adults and to society! Why on earth would we PAY for such explicit material to be shown to our children?!


  5. Donna Eliason

    Is the word “decency” in David Eggen’s vocabulary? If so, I wonder what it means to him??? What would be his goals for his own kids? Would he be happy for them to access those websites? Does he realize what his legacy will be? Failing math, revisionist history, erotic
    literature, preoccupation with sexual themes at the expense of normal interests and activities. Save our kids!


    • Colleen

      What kind of a person would even consider teaching such filth to children at any age, unless he has a problem with pedophilia his self….does he have a family, does he have young children? What kind of danger are they in….he needs to be fired immediately. He needs to be locked up. Any one in the school system that agrees with this needs to be fired and locked up too. Shouldn’t this send up red flags, for anyone to even consider anything like this…there should be a restraining order on this piece of filth, that he not be allowed near anyone under the age of 30 years old.


  6. Mary-Lou Stacey

    What about the Alberta Teacher’s Association? Their agenda has been to promote this type of instruction to children and have supported Kris Well’s and others in their efforts. GSAs and instructional books on how to promote these themes was everywhere at teacher’s convention last year in Calgary! I pray all teachers in the ATA who do not agree with this direction begin to speak out and speak up for parents and children!


  7. Glenn

    Where to start. To unilaterally fund this with taxpayer dollars to be foisted upon vulnerable children? I am disgusted. It is one thing to make these choices as a free adult, but to bring this to vulnerable children as a matter of acceptable discourse from an institution of learning, means that the NDP are perverts that want to have sex with kids. Lets call a spade a spade for Christ’s sake.


  8. 19391929gGarry Hill

    These people are sick ,A spirit of lust has broken into the government,I am not surprized at all,look what Trudeau is doing to the country,taking direction from Obama,Canada is falling to Islam and its going to keep moving forward,the people will not rise up and the Christians are not fighting at all! JESUS COME QUICKLY!


  9. Sandi

    Isn’t showing porn to ‘children’, a form of child abuse??? It really shouldn’t matter if it’s light porn or not.


  10. Elly

    How unbelievable!!! It has to be stopped!!!! Does anyone know that that is as wrong and sinful as it gets??? Please God step in and stop This government!!! We need you God. Help that our children can grow up to be children of God. Not of the devil and government. Please stop this…


  11. Tanya L.

    This is utterly outrageous and sickening! What sane adult thinks this is ok?? It simply is not acceptable and I see this as a methodical form of grooming. Enough! Our kids deserve better!


  12. monica

    This is totally disgusting our country is going to hell in a basket! We need to protect our children. ..what is wrong with this government. We need to stand up to this government and take a stand …not tomorrow but today!


  13. Marcy

    This isn’t an NDP thing .. This is U.N. Agenda 21 / 2030 and this curriculum is being implemented all across the country in the U.S., Australia etc…


  14. Steve Stone

    Still wondering why they want to get rid of Catholic, other Christian, private and home schools?
    So what are we going to do? How are we going to do it? …and when?
    Be not afraid! Get your children out out of public schools … today! not tomorrow! We cannot whine and then fold our hands. TAKE COURAGE. ACT TODAY.


  15. Kyle K

    The links on this blog don’t support the claim. The GSA page doesn’t appear to link to the Fruit Loops facebook page anywhere. It appears that anyone can submit a GSA, including links to Facebook pages, just via the form on the site. Looks like a inappropriate site slipped through and was removed.


    • informedalbertans

      Hi Kyle, In response to my blog article and the information becoming so public it seems they have now edited their list of community supports over the past hour. If you want to see the original to verify that Fruit Loop and others were there before then you can check out the screen shots in my “Supporting Documentation” PDF that is at the end of my article, just before the video. The fact remains that iSMSS did not properly vet their links and community supports and in my opinion that demonstrates negligence and incompetence when it comes to the safety of our K-12 children. Alberta children deserve a higher standard. Something so inappropriate should not have been there in the first place. If I hadn’t happened to stumble across the content, it would still be there. Why is it up to us to vet these resources? Shouldn’t the Alberta government be hiring people who can do their job without citizens having to do it for them?


      • Erin

        ‘iSMSS did not properly vet their links…’ That’s putting it way too nicely. I think the man behind this encourages this kind of explicit content. He has repeatedly posted very questionable content on his social media accounts – only to remove it when someone tries to hold him accountable for it. He has an agenda that hides behind ‘helping kids’. This is where that help leads. Venerable LGBTQ youth need to be protected from him.


  16. Tim

    This is….Not even true in the slightest.
    Froot Loop is listed as a community support because they openly accept and support the GSA network. They are not officially tied to iSMSS in any way. Froot Loop is also specifically geared towards college & University students and young adults. The Alberta Government is not “guiding kids towards sexually graphic images”. The connection between the two groups exists because they and the GSA network both exist to support the LGBTQ community.

    Nobody is asking children to click on these links, and if anyone’s worried about their children learning about safe sex practices before they are ready, they should be teaching their children safe internet practices first.”

    The government is in no way trying to get children to look at nsfw images.

    Sincerely, a (current) schoolteacher* and a former iSMSS employee.

    *These views expressed are my own and don’t represent the views of my school board.


    • informedalbertans

      Tim, if the Alberta government agreed with you then they would not have asked iSMSS to remove the Fruit Loop link (along with several others) from the “Community Supports” section of the website this afternoon. The truth is that when anyone offers links to “help” K-12 children in our schools then those links should not lead to a group that includes articles featuring BDSM, sex toys and advice to “pay for porn”. That kind of content is completely inappropriate for the GSA Network website’s target audience, which includes kids aged 5-17.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Erin

      Tim – ‘Nobody is asking children to click on these links…’
      I can’t believe you just said that.
      Yes, we obviously realize the government has not expressly asked kids to look at porn. Doesn’t excuse this scandal in the slightest. Its like saying they hand out papers of these graphic images and then said ‘Well, gee, we didn’t ask the kids to look at the paper!’
      If a venerable child is given this website to get ‘help and support’, what should they do – ignore the very links they were given for support?!
      Besides, this huge push for kids internet safety is kinda a waste when **our very government is using our tax dollars to fund our kids being exposed to pornography!**

      PS- I do appreciate your honesty, and your loyalty to your previous employer iSMSS. But I really do think their influence should be completely separated from our K-12 education system.


  17. Richard

    If this enrages you then you should all be aware of what the liberal government just repealed a law that made anal sex illegal for anyone under the age of 18 and dropped it too 16. After the conservatives fought so hard to raise age of consent law for regular sex from 14 to 16 and raised the anal sex law from 16 to 18 the liberals take us all a step backwards. Some may think this is ok but i for one think this is sick to allow that law to be changed.


  18. amenla

    The pastors and Church leaders must wake up and speak out!!! They have been snoozing and ignoring evil for a long time.


  19. Erin

    Please Minister Eggen – remove iSMSS from their position of influence on our K-12 schools!
    Venerable LGBTQ youth (or any kids at all) should not be exposed to this!
    You promised protection, not sexual grooming.
    Please do the right thing here!


  20. Doug Mantai

    I cannot believe that even the NDP, who have zero morals and standards, could stoop this low. What is next, a video highlighting the joy of sexual assault and sodomy. I truly believe this government has no level of decency or common sense at any level. Truly disgusting beyond words.


  21. Ling

    Government, you spent our money on someone who’s trying to sicken our kids’ minds…without monitoring & investigation! So so irresponsible & incapable!!!! For the people who sent out inappropriate messages in inappropriate places, be considerate…& keep your mental disease to yourselves. Stop contamination on the vulnerable kids!! This is LOW & ignorant!!! What are your brains filled with??


  22. Brian

    the University of Alberta – funded by a large public money pot – is implicated in this. I suggest you call/ write to the President of U of A and file a complaint that this materials is reasonably considered “sex grooming of under age people”. President David Turpin at Telephone: 780-492-3212, E-mail: .


  23. Brian

    i will never believe this was an accident. This is an agenda driven action taken by the mentally disturbed people involved in this.


  24. Raindrops2000

    True about “Fruit Loop” post being on Kristopher Wells fb. I checked out this whole story. Not many post left on his page either however he forgot one. Disgusting pig!!! I am very happy that I made the decision to home school my kids…no turning back for this mom


  25. Robyn

    Is there a paper version of your petition going around? Online petitions are great for raising awareness, but unless they follow legislative guidelines (there are a whole bunch – formatting, who can be addressed, how they can be signed, etc.) they aren’t valid. This is a useful guide:
    Thanks for catching and raising awareness on this issue. Disgusting that this is going on, and super important to start some changes ASAP!


    • informedalbertans

      Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry I missed it earlier.

      You are correct that petitions formally submitted to the Legislature must follow very specific guidelines (and even then there is no guarantee that an MLA is even willing to table it), however, online petitions are still valuable in many ways, especially if we can get thousands of people signing it:

      1. Spreads awareness and builds engagement – sending an invitation to sign this petition provides an opportunity to inform more people of an issue they may not know about otherwise.

      2. Connects people with a common cause – Each person who adds their name to the petition means more people unified with a common goal and a louder voice for all of us. Furthermore, the petition continues to connect all of us – that means if this situation escalates in the next few weeks then we already have a network of informed and engaged people who can be invited to participate in additional advocacy strategies.

      3. Demonstrates “court of public opinion” – Media increasingly relies on “public opinion” to frame their news stories, which then further influences public perception about the issue. It is essential we have our perspective represented in the public sphere.

      4. Provides a metric for politicians – Politicians are constantly surveying the landscape of public opinion. Whether they like it or not, our votes are what give them their job. A strong demonstration of public solidarity helps to inform their perspective.

      5. “Real time” results – This issue is front and centre in the public consciousness right now. Online petitions have the benefit of demonstrating results in “real time” so it is not necessary to wait until an MLA decides to bring it into the Legislature (or not) in order to be heard. It is essential to provide public evidence of where Albertans stand on the issue while it is in the spotlight.

      6. Instead of “why?”, ask “why not?”
      Signing an online petition is free, simple, requires very little time or effort and is an important opportunity we have to make our voice known.

      Please continue to encourage people to engage in the issue and to sign the petition, as well as to contact the Minister of Education, the Wildrose Education Critic Leela Aheer and their MLA through email, phone or an in-person meeting.

      We need to ensure there is accountability and transparency when it comes to who is being entrusted with authority over K-12 students in this province.


  26. Mohammed

    Unbelievable…if we don’t take any action we should expect more of such filth being fed to our children.
    Unfortunately morals of our society are degrading day by day…


    • Debbie

      I went of Facebook and reported the fruit loop page as having sexual content. I intend to call the company that makes Froot Loops and make them aware of the close and disturbing use of their name.


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  28. Lucyliu

    Government, you spent our money on someone who’s trying to sicken our kids’ minds…without monitoring & investigation! So so irresponsible & incapable!!!!


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  32. Alanna

    Personally, I feel that intentionally exposing children to explicit sexual images and information is child abuse. How is it possible that the folks allowing this (mr. Eggan included, iSMSS leaders- the U of A and our politicians who support this exposure) do not have lawsuits pending against them?
    I would love to see this case before a judge.


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