Kenney vs Eggen: Who is outing themselves as “extremist”?

who is revealing themselves as extremist02

Let me get this straight:

Minister of Education David Eggen funds and recommends a resource for vulnerable children who attend Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs).  For months that resource included many links directing K-12 children to sexually graphic material, including advertisements for sex toys, graphic images of BDSM and advice to “pay for porn.”

Newly elected leader of the Progressive Conservative party, Jason Kenney, makes the following comments as part of a media interview yesterday :

“parents have a right to know what’s going on with their kids in the schools”

“I don’t think it’s right to keep secrets from parents about challenges their kids are going through”

“the system should start with the presumption that most parents are caring – not with the presumption that they cannot be trusted.”

And what is the Minister of Education’s response today to Jason Kenney’s comments?

The Minister of Education David Eggen re-posts an extremely controversial Facebook note from the summer and states in today’s preamble that:

 “With the comments Jason Kenney has made, he is effectively outing himself… as an extremist.”

Excuse me?

So we have an Education Minister who:

– offers no public apology for the fact that his department funded and recommended a website that led children to sexually graphic material

– offers no public assurances that those who recklessly and incompetently organized a website directing K-12 children to sexually graphic material are not still being employed by Alberta Education for teacher training, resources and CURRICULUM re-write

– still has not ensured that all the sexually graphic material has been completely removed from the GSA Network website (I’m watching and waiting to see how long that takes).

And, after all that, now David Eggen has the audacity to say that those who advocate for parental involvement in their children’s lives are “extremist”?

No, Minister Eggen. I’m afraid you have it all wrong.

It’s certainly not Jason Kenney who is being revealed as the extremist.


  1. Kelvin

    Eggen, its time to go…your a super-creep in a suit, which makes you……….a creep in a suit. You deserve criminal charges brought against you for what you have done to our children in school. School used to be a “safe place”. I can’t wait for you to slither away and get back under whatever rock you came from. If you are having a hard time understanding, let me say a parent…I LOATHE you, you disgusting pervert.

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  2. Chris

    When Eggen was teaching kids in Zimbabwe was he teaching kids about gender identity instead of numeracy and literacy? There are children in this World that would die to go to school and get a basic education, yet all that this Clown can think about is GSAs instead of trying to make Alberta education the best in terms of measurable academic outcomes. He’s a joke.

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  3. L. Hoogerdijk

    Is Eggen real? Does he have noodles instead of brains? If a teacher would direct students to similar websites he would be fired, lose his license to teach for ever, and have a permanent criminal record! And the teacher should! But different rules for a minister of the crown? Get real?

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    • informedalbertans

      Thanks for your question. Here are some suggestions:

      1. Educate others.
      Talk about these topics with your friends, family and coworkers. Send the link(s) regarding the sexually graphic material over email and social media.

      2. Sign the petition:

      3. Contact your MLA and cc the Wildrose Education Critic Leela Aheer by email or phone call. Let them know that someone needs to be held accountable for putting the safety of our children at risk. Tell them to pressure the Minister of Education to assure Albertans that those responsible no longer have any authority over our K-12 education system, including in the curriculum re-write and the provision of teacher training, resources. Leela’s contact info is 403.207.9889, and the phone number for the Minister of Education’s office is 780 427 5010

      4. Learn more – I have written extensively on my own blog about a number of related issues that Albertans should be aware of. A lot of great resources/information are also available at Parents for Choice in Education and you can subscribe to their blog/newsletter from their website:

      5. I intend to engage in further advocacy strategies in the near future specifically focused on this information. If you want to learn about those opportunities as soon as they are published then please subscribe to my blog.

      Ultimately it is the strength of many voices joined together that will make the greatest impact. We need tens of thousands of Albertans to keep pushing on this issue. Don’t let them forget about it, suppress it or sweep it under the rug.

      Thank you for your engagement in the issue!

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  4. John Squire

    Eggen and Wells both need to reevaluate what they are doing. If any teacher ever recommended the websites they have posted, the teacher would be up on charges of sexual entrapment or sexual assault on the minors in his or her care. It is time the two, amongst others, were removed from their posts. Why all the secrecy surrounding the new curriculum?

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  5. Len Charles

    Here is a reply I received from CTV news. Apparently the news team sees no bias in their reporting. MSM = fake news!

    ‎Len Charles‎ to CTV Edmonton
    12 hrs ·
    Tonight on CTV local news there was a news item carried from CTV Calgary from an LGBTQ advocate (as described on the CTV Calgary website) that was basically propaganda. The advocate (who is really an activist) is worried about Jason Kenney’s comments that parents should be informed about their children’s involvement in GSA clubs. In the story the statement is made that politicians are attacking LGBTQ rights. There is absolutely no substance to this story – raising the issue of parents being informed is NOT an attack on LGBTQ rights. There seems to be a lack of critical thinking in allowing this news item to go forward. Why is CTV airing a story that is propaganda?

    CTV Edmonton Thanks for your comments. The story as it aired was a balanced view of the situation. We’re sorry you consider it propaganda.
    Like · Reply · 26 mins

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  6. Brian Rushfeldt

    Eggen and his descisions, in some cases where materials many would consider ” child sex grooming”, which is a federal offence, needs to be investigated along with the U of A Institute.

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  7. Wren

    Great Article by IA (informed Albertans). I have shown this site to several people. The writer does an excellent point bringing up points. Thank you.


  8. Eve Bassett

    Why are not those responsible for the hard porn directed at children not being charged with the sexual interference of children? This is perverse and no normal thinking parent or adult would condone for any child. No matter what their sexual orientation. Never mind just the non-existent apologies…how about some charges!!

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  9. snappineyeballs

    Eggen is clearly a freak. It begs the question, why Minister, do you want vulnerable children to learn about porn and alternative sex so bad, without telling their parents? Hmmm? Exactly. Lets call a spade a spade. Freak.


  10. Arlene Rains

    I don’t have any children in school anymore but I have to granddaughters and it is not the schools job to teach children the facts of life. I do not believe that elementary school age children identify with male or female sexual feelings. This is something someone that hasn’t got anything better to do with his time has come up with. Keep sex out of the schools and let the children be children without some weird adult trying to put this type of garbage in their heads


  11. Alida May

    Eggen is a Dictator. He says in a Democratic Society we must teach our children about alternative sex etc. In the Public School system. This does not sound Democratic. It sounds like a Dictatorship. We the parents of children know what is best for our children and we sure do not need Government or anyone Dictating what is best and must be done for our children. We trust the Private school system to teach our children the same as we feel about these subjects at home. We have that Freedom and don’t need the likes of Eggen to tell us different.


  12. Steve Stone

    The word ‘pervert’ has been engineered out of our vocabulary. I think it is high time we resurrect that word back to life.
    We are witnessing a whole new low level of all kinds of perversions – not only in sexual matters, but also in the concept of education and parental authority. Any wonder why we are seeing such an explosive increase in mental illness?


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