The ABCs you didn’t know your kids could learn at school

The ABCs you didn_t know your kids could learn at school

Are these the kind of ABC lessons approved by Alberta’s Minister of Education and Premier for K-12 children in our province’s education system?

F is for Felching:
The act of sucking semen from your partner’s butt, as if semen didn’t taste good enough already! Nothing says lovin’ like semen fresh from the oven. If you’re going to chow down on some ass-marinated semen, just know that you and your partner are at high risk for HIV and STIs.

G is for Glory Hole:
A hole in a wall intended to have anonymous sex through (often in washrooms, bars or bathhouses). Glory hole hallelujah! Whether you know who you’re fucking or not, use a condom with lube. Duh.

H is for Half and Half:
When someone sucks your dick and then your ass. It’s nice to split the attention 50/50. That way your butt won’t get some sort of inferiority complex. If you like eating butt, you might like to consider getting a hepatitis A and B vaccination from your local clinic.

These are just three letters from the “Sex from A-Z Cards”. If you want more, here is the link to the entire alphabet.

A few weeks ago I published a blog article exposing how the Alberta GSA Network, funded and recommended by the Alberta government, directed K-12 children to sexually graphic material. In that article I focused mainly on the content offered through “Fruit Loop”, which was just one of the 66 links provided to children as “Community Supports” on the Alberta GSA Network.

The day after publishing my blog article, 18 of the 66 community support links were taken down.

However, certain links with sexually graphic content continued to be listed for another three weeks, at which time the entire community supports section was completely removed from the website.

One of those links on the GSA Network was to a support group called the “Comprehensive Health Education Workers (CHEW) Project”, listed under Central Alberta.

community supports 03 drop down list CHEW highlighted

CHEW offers many resources on their website, including the “Sex from A-Z Cards”, which are provided with the following description:

Sex from A to Z is a set of cards intended for gay and bisexual youth. This is a fun and accessible resource that facilitates humorous and frank discussion among youth about sexuality and HIV and STI prevention. It can also be used by service providers as a discussion tool in workshops and training sessions.

CHEW Zebra cards description

CHEW Zebra cards on resources page

So here are some questions:

Does our Minister of Education consider it fun and humorous to direct youth in Alberta schools to information about felching, glory holes and the promotion of pornography?

How many Alberta parents are laughing right now, knowing their tax dollars funded a website which directed K-12 children to “support” groups offering resources like the Sex from A-Z cards?

Is this the most effective way Alberta Education, under the direction of David Eggen, can teach youth about HIV and STI prevention?

Are there any concerns that material presented to children specifically counseling them on the touching of their own bodies or the body of another person for a sexual purpose is in violation of sections 152 and 153 of the Criminal Code?

Incidentally, the CHEW Project is directed by Dr. Andre Grace, who is also the Faculty Director of the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS), alongside Dr. Kristopher Wells.


Not only was the CHEW Project offered as a community support on the Alberta GSA Network for K-12 students, but their organization also advertises in-school classroom presentations, claiming to offer the “real Sex Ed” when they visit your school.

CHEW sex ed workshops cropped

The CHEW Project and iSMSS, under the direction of Dr. Grace and Dr. Wells at the U of A, are indeed eager to get their “real” sex-ed into schools in any way they can. In fact, they are actively promoting their “comprehensive” sex-ed approach to trustees such as Marilyn Bergstra from Edmonton Catholic Schools who introduced a motion two weeks ago to lobby the Alberta government for more comprehensive sex-ed. Bergstra readily divulges on her personal blog that her motion was motivated by attending discussions at the U of A.

Her motion failed. But just last week Edmonton Public Schools Trustee Bridget Stirling put forward a similar motion, which passed 7-1.

Words are sneaky like that – “comprehensive” sounds convincingly positive, like something you would want for your kids. That is, until you realize the experts at iSMSS and the CHEW Project use “comprehensive” to mean educating children about all aspects of sexuality, including BDSM, sex toys, felching, glory holes and the promotion of pornography.

After publishing this article, will the Sex from A-Z cards disappear from the CHEW Project resource page, just like all the community support links disappeared after I pointed them out in March?

Does removing links and resources from a website after they happen to be found by a concerned citizen blogger provide any assurance whatsoever, especially when the Alberta government continues to entrust iSMSS and the CHEW Project with tremendous authority, influence and access to children in our K-12 education system?

Removing links on a website does not solve the problem. The problem is not the site, but the source.

I am a parent, taxpayer and trained teacher and I refuse to allow activists to masquerade as health experts just so they can exploit our school system and educate children about their version of the “real” sex-ed.

Time to speak up, Alberta.

Take 20 minutes. Write a one page letter addressed to the Minister of Education, but please mail it to me.

I will ensure copies of your letters are hand delivered to our Minister of Education and to the Education Critics in both the Wildrose and PC parties. Watch my video and get more details here.

Sooner or later each one of our MLAs and school board trustees will have to make a choice:

Will they continue to pander to their sex activist friends, giving them a free pass to our kids and our education system? 

– OR –

Will they take a stand to protect and care for the children of Alberta?

But it will only be a choice YOU can force them to make.

Make sure you let them know your votes will depend on how they answer.

Remember that your voice matters.  Not speaking up has a 100% success rate of accomplishing nothing and will ensure that “experts” offering resources such as the Sex from A to Z cards will continue to advance further into our K-12 school system.

Write your letter and mail it before May 12, 2017

*Please note:  Since filming this video on April 3rd, the entire “Community Supports” section of the Alberta GSA Network has been removed. If you are interested in viewing the links that were originally available, here is a PDF of all community support links and some screenshots: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: GSA Network website supporting documentation

Read the original blog article: “Alberta government funds website directing K-12 kids to sexually graphic content

Mailing address: 
Theresa Ng


  1. Natasha Mintram

    Reblogged this on Natasha Mintram and commented:
    This is not ok!!! This is what’s been happening in the K-12 Alberta school system. Everyone, please take the time to sign the petition, write a letter to Minister Eggen (mail to the address provided in the video) and share this information with family, friends and neighbours.

    Watch the video below:


    • Rufus

      On behalf of responsible Canadians Thank You. I live in Nova Scotia and this article has me concerned about our education system. I am going to check into it this week. If anyone is interested not only in my province but Canada in general they can contact me at my email address and let’s let Canada know we will not tolerate this issue. Thanks again.


    • Mary-Lou Stacey

      Thank you again, Theresa! We must, even though disgusting, share this information with others to have a grassroots response! I pray Albertans respond to your call for action to save our children’s innocence.
      It is interesting these images and this information doesn’t comply with the rating guidelines for movies. How can there be this inconsistency? We must follow your lead and protest until this stops and there are people leading our Education Ministry, our province and our Teacher’s Associations who act responsibly.


    • informedalbertans

      Thank you, Natasha! There seems to be a reluctance for the media to cover this information, so we really need to rely on grassroots citizens spreading the word so that Albertans are informed and engaged. Your efforts are much appreciated!


  2. goodeggjoe

    If exposing children to this appalling filth does not constitute child abuse, then what does? Everyone involved producing, propagating and distributing this material needs to investigated and prosecuted.


  3. mumtears

    This crazyness has to be stopped. For the sake of our children. Too many are being mislead by this. Too many are being permanently damaged. “Gender Identity” has to be negotiated. Biological Sex is scientific fact. #SexNOTGender


  4. Like I want to be harassed by you

    Nice try, mongoloids. The site NEVER directly linked to this card game, nor did it endorse it. Next time tell the whole story instead of just the parts that support your agenda.


    • informedalbertans

      The CHEW Project was listed as a “community support” on the GSA Network website for K-12 students before the entire Community Supports section was removed on April 4th.

      If a child chose to visit the CHEW Project website for support then the Zebra cards were, and still are, featured prominently in their recommended resources section.

      When a government recommended and funded website, such as the Alberta GSA Network website, deems certain organizations as appropriate supports for K-12 children then the expectation is that all resources provided by that organization would be properly vetted and appropriate for an audience of children.

      In terms of those in charge of the Alberta GSA Network: if they cannot handle a vetting process to ensure third party organizations provide appropriate resources for kids then they should not be entrusted with that responsibility.

      In regard to the CHEW Project, they have a choice to either ensure that all resources listed on their website are appropriate for a K-12 audience or they need to stop allowing themselves to be listed as a resource for school children.

      If you want to engage in thoughtful dialogue then I welcome your comments. But if you are going to resort to name-calling then future comments will not be published.


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