A good news day! And last call for letters!

a pile of letters

Two good news items to pass along tonight.

First, I had so many letters to pick up this afternoon that they didn’t even fit into the PO box. I had to go to the counter to pick up the huge bundle. Well done!

One last reminder that the deadline is tomorrow (Friday May 12th) to get your letters in the mail. The more letters, the better!  All letter-writing details are available HERE.

Second, I received a response from Jason Kenney, leader of the Progressive Conservative party, that he will meet with me next Friday May 19th for an hour, at which time I will bring copies of each letter I have received and discuss what can be done to address these concerns. My sincere gratitude to Mr. Kenney for understanding that the safety of children in schools is an issue of critical importance deserving of his time and attention.

I am still waiting to hear back from the Minister of Education and anyone in the Wildrose Party regarding scheduling a meeting to receive the letters of concern.  Please continue to phone their offices and remind them of their responsibility to stand up for all Albertans, especially the children in this province who deserve the highest standard of care in our K-12 schools.

Education Minister’s Office: 780 427 5010
Leader of the Official Opposition, Brian Jean: 780 427 1031
Wildrose Education Critic, Leela Aheer: 780 422 0315

Let these politicians know that anyone who deems it acceptable to provide resources to youth of a graphic sexual nature – including the Zebra: Sex from A – Z cards, or any of the sexually graphic material that was previously offered to children on the GSA Network – should not be entrusted with any further authority and influence over our K-12 education system.

When the safety and care of children are at stake, we must continue to demand that our elected representatives take a clear stand and ensure that these concerns are resolved.

I look forward to more politicians stepping up and sending messages soon that they will also meet in-person for an hour to discuss these important issues and the actions they plan to take.


May 12th, 10:55 a.m. – A response has been received from the Wildrose and published on my blog. Please see update blog article “Wildrose Response to Meeting Request

June 4th – Thank you to Jason Kenney for taking an hour out of his busy schedule to meet with me on May 19th. Mr. Kenney was attentive and responsive to our concerns.  As he flipped through the binders he was especially impressed with the effort, time and expense that people from across the province put into writing and mailing personal letters. He received the binders and agreed to share them with the PC Education Critic, Dave Rodney. I have been speaking with Dave Rodney’s office to try and schedule a follow-up meeting with him as well.


  1. Nancy Bowman

    Well done, again! Thank you for supplying us with the phone numbers of these offices. I will call Minister Eggen’s office and urge a meeting with SOMEONE there. Hopefully he won’t weasel out of it, but I wouldn’t put it past him. Keep up the good fight for our children! Nancy.

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  2. Evelyn

    thank you Theresa. Many parents and grandparents really appreciate your hard work and your dedication. We are behind you!!


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