Delivering letters to another politician – your voices matter!

delivering binders standing in front of van

Thank you to MLA Leela Aheer, Education Critic for the Wildrose Official Opposition, for meeting with me today at her Legislature office.

MLA Aheer listened intently to the summary of concerns I described, promised to look into specific questions, and was impressed by the work that was done to compile the letters. She offered to table the letters in the Legislature before the June 9th end of the legislative session if the Minister of Education is unable to schedule a meeting prior to that time.

I expressed my appreciation to MLA Aheer for her March 14th Member’s Statement and April 4th questioning of the Education Minister in the Legislature, both of which were specifically focused on concerns regarding the sexually graphic material. It is obvious she cares deeply about the safety of children in this province.

You can also extend a word of thanks to MLA Aheer by either commenting directly on the Facebook pictures she posted from our meeting together or sending her an email at

I am pleased to have now been able to meet in-person with MLA Aheer, as well as Jason Kenney, leader of the Progressive Conservative party.

Jason Kenney will be sharing your letters with PC Education Critic Dave Rodney, who I hope to also meet with soon.

I continue to work toward re-scheduling a meeting with the Minister of Education, David Eggen. Please continue to phone his office (780 427 5010) and let him know that it is important he meets together to discuss this important topic.

Thank you again to everyone for your continued persistence in demanding that the safety of children in Alberta schools is a top priority.  Know that your voices of concern matter and are being heard.


  1. Leona Patricia Lowe

    That is a Prayer answered. I left a message on face book for her. Thank You for ALL that You are doing on our behalf. Blessings to You.


  2. Delona McKee

    Thank you!! thank you!! for all your diligence, persistence & hard work on behalf of our children!! God bless you and your family!!


  3. Bonnie Winn

    Thank you for your consistent commitment and dedication to the students of Alberta. Would that we could clone those admirable traits!


  4. awordfromshawna

    So glad the the response of Albertans has been seen by the two politicians thus far. Way to be persistent Theresa! Hopefully Eggen will not be too intimidated about meeting with two ladies to receive this collection of people concerned about the Education system. He should want to know…


  5. Billie Jo Chan

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. We really appreciate your effort in ensuring our children receive the good quality education they deserve.


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