An important decision in Alberta – will you have a vote?


At the end of July, members of both the Wildrose and PC parties will vote on whether they support unification to become the United Conservative Party.

To be eligible to vote either for or against the unity agreement you must first purchase $10 memberships in one or both of the parties prior to July 8th (Wildrose) or July 12th (PC party).

For unification to be successful, the proposed agreement must be supported by 75% of Wildrose members and over 50% of PC members.

For too many years I used to believe that my democratic responsibility simply consisted of showing up on voting day.

However, being more deeply involved in public advocacy and the political realm over the past couple of years has taught me that many critically important decisions are made prior to voting day.

By investing only $10 into an annual membership of a political party, anyone over the age of 14 has an opportunity to impact the outcome of those critically important decisions.

For example, leaders of each political party – the people who may someday become our Prime Minister or Premier – are chosen only by those who have purchased memberships to that political party.

Names of candidates on the ballot don’t just fall from the sky, but are decided through an internal members-only nomination process.

Policy wordings and priorities – including when it comes to the area of education – are often set by those who purchase memberships and make the extra effort to attend an annual general meeting.

The proposed unification of the Wildrose and PC parties is an important decision in Alberta democracy and only a few days remain to purchase membership(s) and have an opportunity to impact the outcome.

If unification is successful then those who purchased memberships will also have a vote in selecting the new leader in October, as well as the formation and ratification of new policies.

For those who want to ensure their voices are represented in this historic decision, please sign-up for membership(s) today using the links below:

Wildrose membership:

PC membership: 

(*NOTE: PC members will also need to REGISTER before July 14th in order to be eligible to vote, using this website )

One comment

  1. astrid

    You are absolutely right. I never cared before about memberships but after Trudeau and the NDP were elected, I have bought memberships of the CPC, Wildrose and the Alberta PC. More importantly, liberals and socialists have infirtrated the conservative parties (e.g. Sandra Jansen) to change the party from within and remove choice/democracy all together.


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