Be aware of media manipulation: Who benefits?

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Since when did an out-of-context Facebook post from 2010 become “news”?

Answer: Whenever Kristopher Wells and his friends ask the media to do their bidding.

Tyler Duce is a candidate running for the position of school board trustee in south Edmonton.

He is promoting the engagement of parents in their children’s education through a common-sense “Families First” platform.

And unfortunately, that puts a bulls-eye on his back.

Consider the following timeline.

Dr. Kristopher Wells digs up an obscure 7-year-old, out-of-context social media post from Tyler Duce and then uses his bully pulpit of Twitter to post his typical accusations.

KW targets Tyler Duce

A CBC reporter asks Kris Wells for more details.

KW asked for interview by CBC

And suddenly – for some strange reason – a screenshot from 2010 becomes the centerpiece for “news”.

Yet most troubling of all is that the media continues to turn a blind eye to the extremist, unprofessional behavior of the very person making the accusation.

Dr. Wells – in the past 18 months alone – has used his social media to compare Christians to Nazis, share pictures of naked youth and publicly post private messages from concerned parents so they can be mocked by his Facebook friends.

He was also personally in charge of the government-recommended website that directed K-12 children to videos of people engaging in sexual acts, links to sex toys and advice to “pay for porn”.

The media response? Crickets.

How is it that a 7-year-old Facebook post taken out of context is considered “news”, but the recent endangerment of our children, the discrimination shown to people of faith and the condemnation of loving parents still entitles Dr. Wells to a position of “expert” authority in the eyes of the media (see here, here and here for just a few recent examples)?

And how is it that Dr. Wells still retains his role as an authority over K-12 children in this province – providing research, resources, doing Professional Development sessions, accessing students and instructing our next generation of teachers – all without any public apology, accountability or responsibility for his unprofessional conduct?

Why are Kris Wells and the CBC are so eager to smear Tyler Duce with something they dug up from 7 years ago?

Is it because Tyler Duce is gaining ground on the incumbent trustee who just happens to be an NDP constituency president , as well as a Ph.D. student at the University of Alberta Department of Educational Policy Studies, which is Dr. Wells’ own department?

By placing his friends in positions on school boards and elsewhere throughout our education system, Dr. Wells ensures his “expert” influence is secure and his priorities are advanced into our schools.

And when he senses his candidate is losing ground then apparently he resorts to a desperation move.

If anyone truly and genuinely cares about the safety of children then they would not ignore the 4 inch stack of personally written letters mailed from across the province demanding that those who direct children to sexually graphic material should no longer be entrusted with the care of children.

The truth is that the media does a disservice to the public when they willingly amplify obscure Facebook posts and yet ignore key issues that are actually endangering the safety of Alberta students.

So here is my call to action:

I don’t have the bullhorn of the media at my disposal like Dr. Wells does.

We need an uprising of parents, grandparents and citizens who will take a stand for what is important – especially when the media chooses not to.

Parents for Choice in Education is preparing a survey that will be distributed to school board trustee candidates.

Take 1 minute right now to sign up on the homepage of Parents for Choice in Education so that you will be added to their mailing list. Forward this message to others and ask them to do the same.

When the survey is released then you will learn where candidates stand on the important issues – especially the ones the media prefers to ignore.

Dr. Wells understands that school board trustee elections matter.

Do you?

Let’s ensure that we are informed and engaged on the issues that matter most and use our votes to elect the best possible candidates to these important roles.


  1. Nancy Bowman

    Hi, there, Will the survey be for Edmonton trustees, and does someone like me who lives in Lethbridge have a say in Edmonton trustees, etc? Not sure who/what area this covers. Maybe I read it wrong? Thanks! Nancy


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