Brian Jean: ‘Here for Albertans’? Not if he insults concerned parents.

Brian Jean, here for Albertans

Dear Brian Jean,

A couple days ago I published a letter on my blog that I wrote to you in January 2017 following a meeting we had together.

In that letter I had offered you an opportunity to clarify several statements you made at our meeting, which I found deeply concerning.

Your staffers promised me a reply. I followed up by email. And by phone.

But nine months have gone by. And a reply never came. Not even a form letter.

Since I published the letter publicly, have you tried to finally offer some response of clarification or a reason for the oversight? 


In fact, here is a comment someone posted publicly on Facebook:

Brian Jean response to my letter

If this was actually written by you or your team then you have proven, yet again, that you are totally unwilling to address the legitimate concerns of Albertans when it comes to the education of children in this province.

Furthermore, your response is not only incredibly disrespectful, but also demonstrates a complete misrepresentation of the facts.



My meeting with you was in January 2017, a full 2 months before I became a Jason Kenney delegate. 

In my letter (which you obviously didn’t read very closely) I applauded you for your willingness to unify the conservative parties. Unity would not have happened if not for delegates like myself making the effort to step up and support Jason Kenney. You should be thanking me.

Your claims insinuating some supposed “leadership politics” are just an attempt to divert the conversation so you can detract and deflect from the real issues and questions I asked – which you still refuse to respond to.

For the record, it doesn’t matter if you’re Wildrose, PC, NDP, UCP, XYZ or Whatever Party. I will work with any politician, of any political stripe, who is willing to listen.

When it comes to the blatant violation of Alberta Education’s own standards and compromising the safety of children in this province, every politician who truly cares for our education system should be demanding answers.

Unfortunately too many spineless and gutless politicians care more about their reputations in the eyes of Leftist bullies than they actually care about Alberta kids. 



The meeting I had with you in January had absolutely nothing to do with the sexually graphic material, which I didn’t even find until two months later.

Yet to bring up those letters in such a dismissive manner and claim too many of them were “not fit for polite company” is an unbelievable insult to Albertans across the province and truly exposes how little you actually care for the safety of children.

Concerned parents, teachers, students and grandparents took a tremendous amount of time and effort to personally write and mail those letters to voice their heartfelt concerns for Alberta children.

You know what is not “fit for polite company”, Mr. Jean?

You can click on this link so you can see for yourself some of the content I found that was just 1-2 clicks off a government-funded and recommended website for K-12 children.

THAT is what is not fit for polite company. And certainly not fit for children as young as five.

How dare you pretend that the letters written by concerned parents and citizens across this province are the problem while you continue to turn a blind eye to the real issues!

Did you know the organization and the individuals who unapologetically provided that content to K-12 children are still happily doing their presentations, accessing vulnerable children in schools and having massive amounts of authority over our education system?

You know the real travesty, Mr. Jean?

You have personally helped keep them there.

No matter how clear your education platform may look in writing, it does not make any difference if it is not demonstrated by your actions.

So here are your choices:

1) Email me to confirm that whoever posted that comment was in error and share publicly that you would never reply so disrespectfully to the citizens and children of this province.  

2) Or, email me to confirm that you did in fact write that comment and that it was a hasty, poorly written response and you will publicly apologize.

If you are unable or unwilling to take either one of these steps, then your refusal to act will speak far louder than any hollow words you claim as your slogan and education platform.


  1. Hazel Temple

    I’m appalled at Mr Jean’s lack of respect by not responding to your questions. This comment needs to be clarified. As it stands right now, Brian Jean is not for to become the leader of our new party. Thank you Theresa for your outstanding efforts on behalf of the parents and children in Alberta.

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  2. Sonja Farrell

    Well, it would be good to know if someone is interfering with communications.But if that really is his reply how political of him. More of the same horse manure is shovelling of late. Does he really think Albertans are that stupid? I suspect the “not fit for polite company” are letters written without a political correctness bent.


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  4. Naomi Pedersen

    I have been increasingly concerned with the lack of engagement that Brian Jean has shown to concerned parents. I am a mother of vulnerable children. I need to know that our government will support my efforts in protecting my children in the way I feel is best for the their physical and emotional well-being. I am really sad over this because I really liked him at one time.


  5. Abby

    I absolutely applaud you for your letters and efforts to expose this problem. I find Brian Jean is NOT here for Albertans and is ONLY here to be PREMIER FOR HIMSELF. If he cared he would not have waited for someone else to unify the conservatives. He is riding on Jason Kenneys coat tails and hard work. I ha e yet to see Brian out there dealing with things that matter. I don’t see him dealing with education, the carbon tax or the pipeline issue. So far Jason has stepped up and stated what should be done. Plus LOOK UP HIS PLATFORM for 2015 HE BELIEVES IN CARBON TAXES AND THE WHOLE CLIMATE CHANGE. He wanted government intervention on these matters. Will we end up with another NDP nightmare with Brian at the helm…. I would guess so. ALSO what does it matter what party she belongs to or if she wrote the PC’s or note (how could he know). SHE WROTE YOU SO ANSWER THE QUESTION BRIAN.


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