If you have concerns regarding changes, challenges and choices facing our education system,  here are some ideas of what you can do in order to  help make your voice heard:

  1. Phone the Minister of Education’s office: 780 427 5010
  1. Email the Minister of Education, David Eggen:

*When you email the Education Minister also cc your email to:

– your MLA (use the online Search Tool to find their contact information)

– Mark Smith, United Conservative Party (UCP) Education Critic

  1. Contact your local school board and elected school board trustee to ask questions and share your concerns.

*For an overview of the role of trustees, including how they are accountable to all citizens (not just those with school-aged children), as well as information on how to find their contact information, please read my Feb 4 blog post.

  1. Attend local school board meetings. Engage in the issues by becoming informed, asking questions and voicing your concerns.
  1. Spread the word. The more people who are informed about issues in education and how they impact our children means the more voices that are raised and unified to collectively influence change.

Keep in mind that if you are truly concerned about the issues facing our education system then it is important to go beyond learning the content and discussing it with each other in person or in social media. We also need to let our elected officials know our concerns directly in order to actually influence change.


  1. Rose Bock

    Hello – I am wanting to let you all know that I am very concerned with the ‘upcoming new policy’ regarding the new practices on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity that will be taking place in our schools. It is a huge concern to myself as an employee in a local school and as a concerned parent. This issue will drastically impact about 95% of our children, staff, parents and schools and citizens of all nature. There needs to be an accountability for all citizens and the hardship that everyone will have to encounter. Thank you for adding my list to the hundreds of thousands of other concern people that is against the new upcoming policy.


    • informedalbertans

      Thank you for voicing your concern, Rose. Please phone, email or send letters to your school board trustees, your MLA and the Minister of Education to share your concerns. And please encourage your coworkers and other parents to become informed about the issue too.

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    • Rose Barrows (@BarrowsRose)

      Agree with you. What is this world coming to. These young people do not need to be exposed to all of this. Is this what they really need to focus on at their young age???. Who came up with this weird idea.? As the saying goes. Satan is in the details.


  2. Jane

    Hi I am very concerned about this matter too, and my friend forwarded me the presentation you had at one of the church, was wondering whether I can have your email address as I would like to have the digital copies of letter template?


  3. Betty

    I am so disgusted in this. There should be some kind of civil suit against Minister Eggen and Kris Wells. This is just unbelievable.


  4. awordfromshawna

    Quote of the Day:
    “A society that does not admit of and accommodate differences cannot be a free and democratic society – one in which its citizens are free to think, to disagree, to debate and to challenge the accepted view without fear of reprisal,” the decision says.

    “This case demonstrates that a well-intentioned majority acting in the name of tolerance and liberalism, can, if unchecked, impose it’s views on the minority in a manner that is in fact intolerant and illiberal.”

    From the decision of the BC Court re: TWU


  5. Betty Ledger

    You are taking away the rights of parents and putting them into the hands of govt! Which will never ever work out!! There needs to be some education for high school students, but not for are children K-9!! This is totally unacceptable!!


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