If you come across any additional links that may be helpful in providing information to Albertans regarding this topic, please email and I will consider them to be included in this site.

Media Coverage: Alberta Teachers’ Association PRISM Toolkit

CBC Radio Edmonton interview – November 1st – Theresa Ng (Informed Albertans) and ATA representative Jonathan Teghtmeyer

CBC Radio Calgary Eyeopener interview, November 2nd – Theresa Ng (Informed Albertans)

Alberta at Noon, CBC Radio November 2nd – Donna Trimble (PCE) on panel discussion

CBC News Article, November 1st

CBC News Article, November 2nd

Calgary Herald, November 2nd

Fox News World, November 2nd

Toronto Sun, November 3rd

LifeSite News article, November 4th

Video – CTV Two News, November 4th – Theresa Ng (Informed Albertans) and ATA representative Jonathan Teghtmeyer

Parents for Choice in Education blog article, November 7th

Media Coverage: MARCH 1 #protectABkids Twitter Campaign

Edmonton Sun
Alberta Primetime television interview with Theresa Ng and Dr. Kristopher Wells
660 News

Media Coverage: Interim PC Leader Ric McIver removed from legislature over motion supporting parents’ rights in education

Dispute over ruling gets PC leader Ric McIver kicked out of legislature
April 18, CBC News

PC leader tossed out of legislature after argument with speaker
April 18, News Talk 770

Alberta’s NDP gvmt under fire for sabotaging motion supporting parents’ rights in education
April 19, LifeSiteNews

The Details of the Kerfuffle in the Legislature and the Threat to Parents Choices for Schools in Alberta – includes audio interview with Ric McIver
April 19, News Talk 770 with Danielle Smith

Graham Thomson: Questions remain after legislative ejection of PC leader
April 20, Edmonton Journal

Parent uprising forces Alberta NDP to back off sabotage of parental rights motion
April 20, LifeSiteNews

VIDEO: MLA Mark Smith’s Legislature speech to protect “every parent’s right to choose the best education for their families”


Fort McMurray Catholic district pledges to embrace LGBTQ guidelines
Jan 13, Fort McMurray Today

Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association (ACSTA) Statement in Response to Guidelines for Best Practices
Jan 19

Grande Prairie Public, Grande Prairie & District Catholic and Peace Wapiti Public School Division: School boards react to gender guidelines 
Jan 19, Daily Herald-Tribune

Red Deer school board LGBTQ policy blueprint for others
Jan 19, Calgary Metro

Lethbridge School District 51 Drafts Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy
Jan 20

Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools
Jan 20

Rocky View School Superintendent, Don Hoium says new Alberta LGBTQ guidelines are already being met
Jan 20

NLSD applauds LGBTQ document
Jan 20, Cold Lake Sun

Foothills School Division Statement & Update by John Bailey, Superintendent of Schools 
Jan 20 & Jan 29

Strathcona County school boards respond to LGBTQ policy
Jan 21

UPDATE regarding development of Lethbridge School District No. 51’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity policy

New Calgary school principals ready to meet parents, support LGBTQ youth
Jan 26, Calgary Metro

Airdrie’s private schools discussing LGBTQ policy
Feb 10, Airdrie City View

Inclusive communities for Evergreen schools
Feb 12, Spruce Grove Examiner

Northern Alberta school division refuses to make new LGBTQ policy
Feb 19, Edmonton Journal


Statement by F. B. Henry, Bishop of Calgary (Part 1 – Wed Jan 13)
Statement by F.B. Henry, Bishop of Calgary (Part 2 – Thurs Jan 25)

Statement by Bishop Paul Terrio of St. Paul (Sun Jan 17)

Statement by Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan, Most Rev. Gerard Pettipas (Wed Jan 20)

Statement by Archbishop of Edmonton, Most Rev. Richard W. Smith (Thurs Jan 21)

Catholic Women’s League of Canada – Letter to Minister Eggen
Jan 26

Canadian Lutheran Response to Alberta Government’s Proposed Gender Guidelines
Feb 3,

Association for Reformed Political Action: Albertans Must Respectfully but Firmly Oppose New Ministry of Education Guidelines
Feb 8,


University Of Toronto Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Reduced After Voyeurism Reports
Oct 6, 2015,

Alberta tells all school boards to create LGBTQ-inclusive policies
Nov 6, 2015, Global News

Paula Simons: Paradigm shift or muddled mess? Alberta Education leaves school boards in the dark over gender guidelines
Jan 14, Edmonton Journal

An Alberta mother’s call to action: When parents lose rights, children are endangered
Jan 18, Calgary Herald

Catholic board chair didn’t approve sending parents letter from Calgary bishop (Jan 18)  *Please note the comments that  Trustee Patricia Grell is reported to have said in this article regarding “The law doesn’t care if it goes against our religion. Human rights will always trump religious rights” are not necessarily accurate according to information provided by Paula Simons in the article listed next in this list.

Paula Simons: Time for Edmonton Catholic trustees to put kids first
Jan 18, Edmonton Journal

The angry bishop will lose — but how many will be harmed before he does?
Jan 18, Metro News

Catholic trustees fire back at minister over LGBTQ guidelines
Jan 19, CBC News

A Quixotic question on Canadian dispute over Catholic schools and gender
Jan 20,

Alberta’s new gender guidelines for schools rejected by 2 more bishops
Jan 20, CBC News

Edmonton Archbishop Smith feels ‘betrayed’ by Catholic school trustees on gender guidelines
Jan 21, CBC News

School district looks to clear confusion over gender policy
Jan 22, Lethbridge Herald

MLA Cooper seeking constituency input on LGBTQ guidelines
Jan 26, Mountain View Gazette

Alberta Education guidelines on transgender policy spark concern
Jan 26, St Paul Journal

Grande Prairie Public School District seeks feedback
Feb 1, Daily Herald-Tribune

AB Education Minister says rejection of LGBTQ policy won’t cause domino effect
Feb 3, Calgary Metro News

The Outcry Over Alberta’s LGBTQ Policies Is Why We Need Them
Feb 8,

“Lazy” millennials are responsible for much of the progress on LGBTQ+ rights
Feb 10, VUE Weekly

LGBTQ Kids Deserve Respect No Matter Where They Go To School
Feb 10,

Many transgender youth already accepted regardless of provincial guidelines
Feb 16, Calgary Herald

Calgary parent group says nay on GSA and gender guidelines
Feb 23, Metro News

More links coming soon…

How is the Calgary Health Centre linked to Planned Parenthood and IPPF?

Calgary Sexual Health Centre is an associate organization of Action Canada.

As reported on the Action Canada website and in an article by CBC News in November 2014, Action Canada was formed as an amalgamation of 3 organizations:

  1. Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood Canada).
  2. Action Canada for Population and Development
  3. Canadians for Choice

Action Canada also lists one of its global connections as IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation)


Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB)

– EPSB Overview, Initiatives, Events, Resources

– EPSB Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy

– EPSB Administrative Regulation

Fort McMurray Public Schools

Red Deer Public Schools

St. Albert Public Schools

Wolf Creek Public Schools

LIFE Framework: Lived Inclusion for Everyone
April 29, 2015, Edmonton Catholic Schools – a policy guideline for the creation and operation of student groups that are comprehensive in their approach to inclusion


Don’t treat all cases of gender dysphoria the same way
January 24, 2018: Globe & Mail

VIDEO Forum: Gender Dysphoria in Children: Understanding the Science and Medicine
October 11, 2017

Letter to all school boards from Minister of Education David Eggen requiring LGBTQ policies boards
Nov 5, 2015

Transgender Terminology
The National Centre for Transgender Equality

Understanding Transgender: FAQ About Transgender People
The National Centre for Transgender Equality

Four Questions I Have About Transgender Identity
Christianity Today – a faith-based perspective

The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique
Witherspoon Institute website

Recommended Resources for K-12 Schools on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity
Compiled by Edmonton Public Schools & Edmonton Public Library

American Psychiatric Association – Gender Dysphoria Fact Sheet

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms
Though this website’s primary intention is a focus on news articles, the following link has been forwarded to me and is a personal story too powerful to ignore in the context of this discussion.

Better sterile than dead: How trans activists justify destroying the fertility of minor children


The new taboo: More people regret sex change and want to ‘detransition’, surgeon says 



Centre for Constitutional Studies: Gay-Straight Alliances & Religious Schools: A Clash of Rights & Freedoms (Nov 30, 2016)

“This event features guest speakers Dr. Kristopher Wells (Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services) and Dr. James Kent Donlevy (Associate Professor, University of Calgary; prolific speaker on religious freedom issues in Canada and US).

Schools in Alberta are now required to establish a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) for those students who request one. This talk considers two key questions – What does this mean for religious-based schools who refuse to do so? How can respect for religious freedom and protection of equality rights be balanced under Canada’s constitutional framework?”

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