Will you support politicians who fundraise for organizations that provide sexually graphic material to kids?

fundraising for those who provide sexually graphic material to kids04

Let’s recap a series of events from several months ago.

In March 2017 I published a blog article exposing how the GSA Network website, organized by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) at the University of Alberta, included many community support links for K-12 children that led directly to sexually graphic material.

There were links to buy sex toys, images of naked men being tied up and flogged and advice to “pay for porn” – all easily accessible with 1-2 clicks from the government-funded and recommended site.

Following massive public outrage, the government ensured links were removed.

However, despite the fact that iSMSS severely violated the public trust and endangered the safety of children, the government still entrusts them with a tremendous position of trust, authority and direct access to K-12 students in Alberta schools.

And even more alarming is that politicians continue to flock to events to raise money for this organization.

Just a week after the Wildrose abruptly and without explanation backed out of tabling 700+ letters expressing concerns about the sexually graphic material, Brian Jean openly defended his staffer’s decision to officially represent the Wildrose at the Pride Run and Walk in Edmonton, a fundraiser for iSMSS.

Jean even stated that those who spoke out against Wildrose representation at this iSMSS fundraiser, “don’t belong in any political party in Alberta.”

Prior to that event I sent an email to Jean and Wildrose staffers to ensure they were aware that the Pride Run and Walk specifically raised money for iSMSS. But that email was ignored, just like my other messages have been (see here and here).

WR fundraising for iSMSS

Then in September Doug Schweitzer, leadership candidate for the United Conservative Party, alongside Interim leader Nathan Cooper and MLAs Leela Aheer & Rick Fraser publicly showcased their attendance at the Premier’s Pride Brunch to raise money for Campy Fyrefly, also run by iSMSS.

leela iSMSS fundraising 06

As I vote today for a new leader of the United Conservative Party I will do so on behalf of the children of this province and their safety.

I will not risk a leader who would condone the funneling of money to an organization who provided this obscene material to children, either intentionally or through negligent incompetence.

Politicians who openly fundraise for organizations that provide such horrendously inappropriate material to K-12 students should be held accountable.


  1. Wayne Robicheau

    Thank you Theresa-Ng , for this very informative e-mail . And for the stand you are making , for our Alberta-Children ! You are not alone-Theresa in exposing these PERVERTS and what they are trying to do with their ideas ! Nothing can or ever will beat God’s-Plan-for Families , Children , school . Do these people even know-that our first-Superintendent of Schools , in Canada-Mr Egerton-Ryerson was a Christian man ? That he came from a Christian-Family ! And that he is the one-whom the Ryerson-Institute-is named after ? Please keep sending this very-informative information .

    God-bless , from Calgary , Mr. Wayne Robicheau.


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  2. tess

    I believe they’re secret intent is this…no word of a lie! Identification of Sexual Minors for SEXUAL SERVICES. LOOK INBETWEEN THE LINES! Nevertheless, these serpents WILL be openly shamed and will fall deep within the pit which they have and are ultimately digging for thselves! God protects HIS FAMILIES, HIS CHILDREN!

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  3. Karen

    Albertan conservatives are sick of the phoney conservatives trying to lead the party to the left. It was sad to see Mr. Jean take the leadership loss so hard, but you reap what you sow. I have confidence that Kenney will put the decision making power back where it belongs – in the hands of the parents. He was the obvious choice, and most of the others were liberals trying to pretend to be conservative in order to be a party leader.

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