The real danger for Alberta kids

door with blocked tape resampled

Those in Alberta who genuinely care for the well-being of children need to listen and they need to act.

It is time to move beyond superficial parroted talking points and consider the very real and profound risks to children when a government proposes legislation that would forbid schools from sharing information about a child with a child’s own parents.

The two links below confront this issue.

1. “Prioritize student safety, not secrets”: a short 3 minute video published by Parents for Choice in Education (PCE). It was my honour to be invited by PCE as the first presenter for their new video series.

2. Radio interview by Danielle Smith on News Talk 770 with invited guests Donna Trimble, Executive Director of PCE, and the Minister of Education, David Eggen, discussing this important topic. You can be the judge as to who made the stronger case.


1. VOTE WISELY: On October 16th it is more important than ever to elect trustees who will advocate on behalf of families and represent your concerns for student safety to Alberta Education. I urge you to be informed about the candidates in your area and vote wisely.

CLICK HERE to access PCE’s excellent Trustee Voter Guide resource, which provides information on 200+ candidates in 16 different areas of Alberta. Learn where your candidates stand on this important issue.

2. CONTACT YOUR MLA: Fall sitting at the legislature begins October 30thand our MLAs will be responsible for voting for or against the School Act amendments proposed by the Education Minister. Encourage your MLA to think more deeply about the risks to children if these proposed changes are allowed to become law.

CLICK HERE to find your MLA’s contact information.

3. SHARE this information with family and friends. Most people have no idea about this proposed new legislation and the risks children will face as a result.


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